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Photo Gallery 2

Elegant Phaleonopsis orchid welcomes guests at the reception counter.
Spring is announced with tulips and cyclamen in a Michigan Avenue lobby.
An English Garden filled with summer garden flowers fills a small lobby.
Masses of brightly colored blooming plants fill a planter in a large health club.
Majestic Cymbidium orchids surround an intimate seating area.
A sea shell theme, with shells and brightly colored blooming plants, welcomes summer in this small planter
Rising above a spiral staircase these green and blooming plants soften the atrium.
Long blooming Cymbidium orchids bring spring to atrium installations in February and March.
Orchids and tropical foliage are tucked under a high skylight.
Tropical Bird of Paradise plants frame a swimming pool deck.
Recirculating fountains, in black ceramic bowls, are snuggled into a planter filled with green and blooming plants and a ''river'' of black polished rock.
Forty foot ficus trees punctuate the garden setting for dining.
Greens By White subscribes to a cluster theory; grouping plants.
Large ceramic bowls hold miniature gardens of green and blooming plants
A waterfall cascades down through a planter filled with tropical and colorful blooming plants.
Bromeliads are snuggled next to a pond in a lobby atrium.
Black polished rock follows a waterfall stream down into a planter filled with lush greenery.
Beautiful big planters are on castors so as allow flexibility in placement for meetings and conferences.
Bright Gerbera daisies soften the marble and glass lobby.
Accessorizing the art work, these bowls are filled with bromeliads and green plants.
The centerpiece plant grouping in an elegant reception area includes unusual and interesting plantings.
Green plants accessorize the reception area filled with fine art and furnishings.
A simple bowl with bromeliad fits well into the elegant interior design.
Blooming plants are set into large bowls and surrounded by black polished rock top dressing.
Tall planters, ceramic on metal stands, guide visitors through this lobby corridor.


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